INTERVAL Phase II has been designed to make maximum scientific use of the time between now and the projected end of study in June 2016. Therefore, we are inviting all INTERVAL participants, to keep donating blood at their assigned study donation intervals until June 2016 instead of finishing the study after their 2 year involvement, as previously planned. Continuing to give blood at assigned donation intervals will provide extra, valuable information to help us develop strategies to enhance the health of blood donors and optimise blood services.

To take part in Phase II, all INTERVAL participants will be sent an email invitation providing full details about taking part as well as an online consent form. However, if you would like to learn more about Phase II now, please click here or go to our FAQs section above.

Please note: due to the projected closure of Brentwood Donor Centre in March 2015, unfortunately we are not able to invite INTERVAL participants on to Phase II who donate at this centre