INTERVAL Management Group

The INTERVAL Management Group oversees all scientific and operational aspects of the study.

The Committee comprises:

Dr Dave Allen (Post-Doctoral Research Scientist, NHSBT)

Prof John Danesh (Co-Chief Investigator, University of Cambridge)

Dr Emanuele Di Angelantonio (Honorary Consultant in Blood Donor Population Health, University of Cambridge)

Rachel Henry (Project Coordinator – Administration)

Susan Mehenny (Project Lead, NHSBT)

Dr Carmel Moore (Scientific Coordinator, University of Cambridge)

Prof Willem Ouwehand (Principal Investigator, University of Cambridge/NHSBT)

Prof David Roberts (Co-Chief Investigator, University of Oxford/NHSBT)

Dr Jennifer Sambrook (Chief Laboratory Officer, University of Cambridge)Dr Zoe Tolkien (Scientific Research Coordinator)

Dr Matthew Walker (Chief Information officer, University of Cambridge)

Previous Members:

Tracey Hammerton (NHSBT)

Claire Thomson (Study Project Officer, University of Cambridge)

Dr Zoe Tolkien (Scientific Research Coordinator)

The INTERVAL Management Group draws on advice from a wide range of experts