INTERVAL Management Group

The INTERVAL Management Group oversees all scientific and operational aspects of the study.

The Committee comprises:

Dr Dave Allen (Post-Doctoral Research Scientist, NHSBT)

Prof John Danesh (Co-Chief Investigator, University of Cambridge)

Dr Emanuele Di Angelantonio (Honorary Consultant in Blood Donor Population Health, University of Cambridge)

Rachel Henry (Project Coordinator – Administration)

Susan Mehenny (Project Lead, NHSBT)

Dr Carmel Moore (Scientific Coordinator, University of Cambridge)

Prof Willem Ouwehand (Principal Investigator, University of Cambridge/NHSBT)

Prof David Roberts (Co-Chief Investigator, University of Oxford/NHSBT)

Dr Jennifer Sambrook (Chief Laboratory Officer, University of Cambridge)

Dr Zoe Tolkien (Scientific Research Coordinator)

Dr Matthew Walker (Chief Information officer, University of Cambridge)

The INTERVAL Management Group draws on advice from a wide range of experts