INTERVAL Contributors

The success of the INTERVAL study is very much due to the collaborative efforts of our contributors and their wide range of skills and knowledge. The full list of contributors is:

Writing Committee: Di Angelantonio E, Thompson SG. Kaptoge, S, Moore C, Walker M, Armitage J, Ouwehand WH, Roberts DJ, Danesh J

Chief-investigators: Danesh J Roberts DJ

Co-investigators: Di Angelantonio E, Mant J, Moore C, Ouwehand WH, Thompson SG,

Trial Steering Committee: Armitage J (Independent Chair: University of Oxford), Danesh J (Co-Chief Investigator), Di Angelantonio E (Co-Investigator), Donovan J (Independent Member: University of Bristol), Ford I (Independent Member: University of Glasgow), Green J (NHSBT Assistant Director of Blood Donation, Operations and Nursing), Henry R (Project Coordinator – Administration), Hunt B (Independent Member: Guys’, and St. Thomas’ Foundation Trust), LeHuray B (Lay Member), Mehenny S (NHSBT Project Lead), Miflin G (Medical and Research Director, NHSBT) Moore C (Trial Coordinator), Ouwehand WH (Co-Investigator), Roberts DJ (Co-Chief Investigator), Stredder M (Director of Blood Donation, NHSBT), Thompson SG (Chief Statistician), Walker M (Chief Data Manager), Watkins NA (Assistant Director – Research and Development, NHSBT).  Previous members: McDermot A, Ronaldson C (NHSBT Director of Blood Supply), Thomson C (Study Project Officer, University of Cambridge), Tolkien Z (Scientific Coordinator), Williamson L (NHSBT Medical and Research Director).

Trial Management Committee: Allen D, Danesh J (chair), Di Angelantonio E, Henry R, Mehenny S, Moore C, Ouwehand W, Roberts DJ, Sambrook J, Walker M (previous members: Hammerton T, Thomson C, Tolkien Z).

Independent Data Monitoring Committee: Kaptoge S (independent statistician), Murphy G, Wheatley K.(Previous Members Greaves M (chair), Turner M,)

Data Management Team: Bolton T, Daynes M, Halson S, Spackman S, Walker M (previous members: Momodu A)

INTERVAL Helpdesk: Burton S, Dingwall H, Henry R (previous members: Clarke V, Potton M, Thomson C).

INTERVAL Study Administration Team (ISAT): Addy J, Barrass P, Stennett L.

Haematology Review Group: Allen D, Bruce D, Choudry F, Di Angelantonio E, Ghevaert C, Johnston K, Kelly A, King A, Mehenny S, Miflin G, Mo A, Moore C, Ouwehand WH (co-chair), Page L, Richardson P, Roberts DJ (chair), Sambrook J, Senior P, Umrania Y, Walker M, Wong H.

Health Economics Team: Cairns J, Danesh J, Di Angelantonio E, Grieve R, Hontoria Del Hoyo L, Latham J, Miflin G, Moore C, Pennington M, Roberts DJ, Thompson SG, Wickenden C.

NHSBT Donation Centre Managers: Birmingham (Aziz T, Brain R); Bradford (Davies C, Turner R); Brentwood (Wakeman P); Bristol (Dent A); Cambridge (Wakeman A); Edgware (Anthony B, Bland D, Parrondo W); Gloucester (Dent A, Vincent H); Lancaster (Weatherill C); Leeds CBTU (Forsyth A); Leeds City (Butterfield C); Leicester (Ellis K, Wright T); Liverpool (Johnston K, Poynton P); Luton (Brooks C, Martin E); Manchester Norfolk House (Littler L, Williams L); Manchester Plymouth Grove (Ackerley K, Blair D); Newcastle (Woods L); Nottingham (Stanley S, Walsh G); Oxford (Franklin G, Howarth C); Poole (Sharpe S); Plymouth (Smith D); Sheffield (Botham L); Southampton (Alexander C, Williams C); Stoke (Furnival D, Sowerbutts G); Tooting (Thake M); West End (Patel S).

NHSBT collaborators: Appleton MJ, Bays E, Bowyer G, Bragg S, Clarkson S, Halson S, Holmes K, Humphreys G, Johnston K, Parvin-Cooper L, Towler J.

UK Biocentre: Fenton J, King A, Muhammad O, Oates N, Peakman T, Ryan C, Spreckley K, Stubbins C, Williams J (previous members Brennan J, Mochon C, Taylor S, Warren K)

Trial Statisticians: Kaptoge S, Thompson SG

Restless Leg Syndrome Adviser: Burchell B

Cognitive Function Assessment Adviser: Gallacher J