The INTERVAL study has the support of experts in a number of important areas. With their help it will be possible to make the most of latest methodologies and technological advancements for the collection, processing and analysis of the INTERVAL data and samples.



These experts (and their specialist field for the purposes of the INTERVAL study) include :

Dr Brendan Burchell, Cambridge (Restless Leg Syndrome Adviser)

Dr Simon Cohn, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (attitudes, belief and values)

Dr Martin Daumer, SLCMR/Trium (physical activity)

Dr John Gallagher, Cardiff (cognitive function)

Jane Green, Assistant Director of Nursing, NHSBT

Prof Richard Grieve, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (health economics)

Prof Fennella Kirkham, University College London (neurology and iron deficiency)

Prof Jonathan Mant, Cambridge  (clinical trials)

Prof Dorine Swinkels, Radboud University (biomarkers / genes for iron regulation)

UK Biocentre (management of blood samples)