What is involved?

  • Being asked to attend donation appointments either at standard intervals between donations (i.e. 12 weeks for men and 16 weeks for women) or reduced intervals (i.e. either 10 or 8 weeks for men and 14 or 12 weeks for women) over a two-year period.
  • Giving a small sample of blood for research purposes on your enrolment to the study and after two years.  This will not involve any additional needles.
  • Completing online questionnaires every six-months during the study.
  • Agreeing to give the INTERVAL study team permission to access your medical and other health-related records and for long-term anonymised storage and use of this information for future ethically-approved health-related research purposes.
  • Agreeing to have your samples, questionnaire data, health-related and other information stored by the INTERVAL study team and used, for many years, in an anonymous form by researchers for a broad range of ethically-approved scientific health studies.
  • Being contacted, no more than three times a year, by the INTERVAL study team about further studies organised by NHSBT and/or the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford.